3M 9448A Heat Resistant Adhesive

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  • Medium-firm acrylic adhesive system delivers high adhesion to a range of substrates
  • Adhesive formulated to hold well even in high temperatures
  • Tissue carrier adds dimensional stability and improves conversions
  • 80 lb. PCK liner makes the tape easy to handle and apply
  • 3M™ Double Coated Tissue Tape 9448A features a medium firm acrylic adhesive on a tissue carrier for a durable bond and easy, efficient handling and conversion. The acrylate adhesive on this 0.15 mm double sided tape is tested for substrates including PE and stainless steel. The carrier can provide dimensional stability to foams and, with the PCK liner, makes for easy die cutting and laminating.

    A Strong Double Sided Tape that's Easy to Use

    Combining a tissue carrier that tears by hand with a durable acrylate adhesive, our 3M™ Double Coated Tissue Tape 9448A (PDF, 82.15 Kb) is excellent for applications requiring a firm bond, added stability and ease of handling and conversion. The carrier can add dimensional stability for effective foam bonding and applies easily to a range of substrates. It also provides a great surface for efficient die cutting and laminating. The medium firm, 3 mil acrylate adhesive is formulated for high initial tack, excellent peel performance and a long term bond to substrates including stainless steel and polyethylene. And the 80 lb. (120 gsm2) polycoated kraft liner makes the tape easy to handle and apply.