3M 8926 1.5W/mK Thermal tape

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  • Good thermal conductivity (>1.5W/m-K)
  • Excellent dielectric performance
  • Low thermal impedance
  • Good and reliable adhesion performance to aluminium and stainless steel
  • Vibration damping

3M™ Thermally Conductive Interface Tape 8926 Series has 0.20 mm thick pressure sensitive adhesive tapes filled with thermally conductive ceramic particles. These products are designed to have good converting ability, handing and re-workability through the introduction of a thin PET carrier. 3M tape series 8926 is designed with a soft acrylic polymer and multiple thickness options to allow excellent wet-out or conformability to many surfaces. The tape series has good adhesion performance to many substrate types and has excellent dielectric performance.

Product Uses

These tapes can be used for heat management in electronic devices and for general heat dissipation in devices. They may also be used for bonding/joining parts in electronic products.