EC360® GLUE WHITE Thermal Glue

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A mixture of organic silicone grease and filler give the EC360 GLUE WHITE series a high thermal conductivity combined with excellent adhesion qualities.
This combination makes it the perfect liquid glue for many applications. The primary use case is attaching heatsinks to RAM, Northbridge and other electrical components.

Its comparatively strong adhesion properties also make it a candidate for attaching heavier heatsinks permanently. When hardened the glue has a silicone like structure which allows a good durability also on flexible surfaces and makes it electrically insulating.

Installations Recommendation:

  • Clean surfaces from dirt and other possible residue. If applicable, isopropyl 90% alcohol is recommended to ensure a clean surface.
  • Apply a sufficient amount of glue and spread it evenly on the heatsink. The amount should be as thin as surface conditions permit.
  • Position the heatsink and gently press it gently onto the surface of the chip. Wait for a minimum of 1 hour. Waiting time may vary depending on the thickness and room temperature. Now the glue should have hardened and the heatsink attached.