EC360® DIAMOND 11W/mK Thermal paste

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The EC360® DIAMOND series means High Performance. State-of-the-art Nano-Graphene compounds, blended in a base of aluminium and magnesium particles, enable an outstandingly high thermal conductivity of 11W/mK. Engineered with a focus on high performance, it is the perfect choice for cooling GPUs and CPUs in extreme cooling scenarios, like overclocking. In short, it ensures efficient dissipation of heat in any use case. At the same time, it can be safely applied, it is not electrically conductive, remains easy to spread and is highly durable. Low bleed, non-flowing and low evaporation mean it is long-lasting, will stay in place and not dry out over time.

Installation Recommendation:

  • Clean surfaces from dirt and other possible residue. If applicable, isopropyl 90% alcohol is recommended to ensure a clean surface.
  • Apply the product, for example by applying a drop in the center of the chip.
  • Install the heatsink. Ideally the drop should have spread now, covering the entire chip in a thin layer of thermal paste without any air bubbles.
  • If the result is not satisfactory apply again in a different quantity until the desired result has been achieved.