EC360® CARBON 5,15W/mK Thermal paste

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Designed as an all-round thermal paste with the best possible price-performance ratio the EC360® CARBON series is the ideal thermal interface material for gaming PCs and industrial cooling systems. Nano-Carbon compounds blended in a base of nanometer sized metal oxide particles (silver/aluminum/ boron/zinc) enable ultimate stability and a high thermal conductivity of 5.15W/mK. Its good consistency makes it easy to spread and install. It is long-lasting: low bleed, non-flowing and low evaporation mean it will stay in place and not dry out over time. At the same time, it is not electrically conductive, which allows a safe application.

Installation Recommendation:

  • Clean surfaces from dirt and other possible residue. If applicable, isopropyl 90% alcohol is recommended to ensure a clean surface.
  • Apply the product, for example by applying a drop in the center of the chip.
  • Install the heatsink. Ideally the drop should have spread now, covering the entire chip in a thin layer of thermal paste without any air bubbles.
  • If the result is not satisfactory apply again in a different quantity until the desired result has been achieved.