EC360® BRACKET AMD AM4 Mainboard retention mount module backplate

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The EC360® BRACKET series presents high-quality mainboard retention brackets that are on eye-level with OEM mainboard retention brackets. A high variety of supported mainboard sockets makes them the ideal choice as a replacement, for example when the original retention module on a mainboard has fractured.

They are made from reinforced, particularly robust plastic, which gives the retention brackets an excellent durability and makes them safe for prolonged use.

This EC360® BRACKET AMD AM4 Mainboard bracket is compatible with AMD mainboard with an AMD AM4 socket. It comes in 2 parts, a mainboard retention bracket with 2 hooks that can be used to mount a heatsink and a backplate with 4 screws, which are used to attach the retention bracket to the mainboard.

Attention! It is noteworthy that this retention bracket is ONLY compatible with heatsinks that are mounted using hooks (for example Wraith Prism and most other heatsinks). However it is NOT compatible with heatsinks that are screwed directly into the backplate. This is because the threads on this backplate sit lower than on original backplates and therefore the screws are not long enough to reach the threads.