EC360® BRACKET AMD AM2/AM3 Mainboard retention mount module backplate

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The EC360® BRACKET series presents high-quality mainboard retention brackets that are on eye-level with OEM mainboard retention brackets. A high variety of supported mainboard sockets makes them the ideal choice as a replacement, for example when the original retention module on a mainboard has fractured.

They are made from reinforced, particularly robust plastic, which gives the retention brackets an excellent durability and makes them safe for prolonged use.

This EC360® BRACKET AMD AM3 Mainboard bracket is compatible with AMD mainboard with AMD sockets: AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1 and 940. It comes in 2 parts, a mainboard retention bracket with 2 hooks that can be used to mount a heatsink and a backplate with 4 screws, which are used to attach the retention bracket to the mainboard.