EC360® ALUMINUM M.2 2280 SSD Cooler NVMe SSD-Heatsink

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With an excellent price-performance ratio the heatsinks of the EC360® ALUMINIUM series present the entry into the world of passive cooling solutions. The are made from aluminium, one of the most thermally conductive materials.

The EC360® ALUMINUM M.2 SSD Cooler is a passive heatsink, specifically designed for high-end NVMe SSDs of the M.2 2280 type. The availability of a good cooling solution is a requirement to unlock the maximum performance of such SSDs, as they throttle the read/write speed at high temperatures.

The heatsink has a size of 22 x 70 x 6 mm, which is the perfect size and is attached to the SSD using EC360® ADHESIVE TAPE STRONG thermal adhesive. A highly conductive thermal adhesive is essential for a good thermal transfer to the heatsink. As the heatsink is attached without screws, the installation is particularly easy and quick.

Additionally, EC360® BLUE thermal pads in the densities 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm are included. These thermal pads bridge the gap between the mainboard and the bottom side of the SSD and therefore make the solution suitable for SSDs that are double-sided. Thereby, the heat from the memory chips on the bottom side of the SSD is efficiently transferred, many cooling solutions neglect these memory chips.

The result is, that this combined passive cooling system is noiseless, substantially reduces operating temperatures and maximizes performance in extreme scenarios.